The Leaders & Team Behind the Brand.


Owned by Ron and Sue Otten, FixFind is part of the Otten Associates portfolio. The Ottens' embody a long history of philanthropy and deep compassion for charitable organizations that do good for people and the planet. It was their mission to bring FixFind into the portfolio to not only provide distribution and logistics services to support other companies within the portfolio, but to also function as a vehicle for giving back. Every purchase made at is eligible for a 5% donation to a nonprofit of the shopper’s choice.

With a heritage deeply rooted in successful partnerships, Otten Associates helps guide early-stage aspiring startups to launch, growing companies to fine-tune their business model and thriving businesses into the next generation. We offer more than one-size-fits-all investment—we work closely with portfolio companies, applying our expertise while helping accomplish goals. Before we partner with a company, we check to make sure we’re a good fit, as we hope to build long-term relationships to cultivate an environment of continuity and success.



Jenn Abraham

Shipping Associate, Customer Contentment Lead

Ben Barras

President, Chief Ops Guy

Suzy Feine

Director of Marketing, Everything Creative

Deborah Gleason

Director of Business Intelligence, All Other Smart Things

Cliff MacLeod

Chief Merchant, New Business Guy

Elaine Peet

Chief People Officer

John Richardson

Operational Team Lead