Our Partners


"At FixFind, we take the term “partner” very seriously. As we work to build something different in the vast sea of places people can buy stuff on the web, we carefully weigh each partner we bring along on this journey."

Cliff MacLeod

Chief Merchant


To partner with us, every supplier, service provider and vendor must:

  • Use paid, adult, skilled staff working in clean, safe places
  • Care about the consistent quality of their products
  • Use materials that are harmless to people and the environment

Please contact us if you feel you meet our standards and would like to be considered as a FixFind partner.




All natural ingredients and recycled packaging.
Better for your body and the environment.

"We wanted to add some mindfulness to men's products that hopefully they will carry with them throughout the day."
Ryan Munson, Creator


Ryan Munson, creator and head of product development, stumbled upon his passion and ingenuity for making all natural grooming products when trying to find an over the counter product that wouldn't irritate his daughter's sensitive skin. Looking to centuries old ingredients like frankincense and myrrh oils, he stumbled upon a skin remedy "Daddy's Potion" that worked and gave him great joy in creating.  He then transferred this passion into creating products that encourage men to care for themselves, with the Munson and Brother's all natural line of beard oils, balms, shampoo bars, mosquito repellant, shaving cream and lip balm. 

What inspires us about Munson & Brothers? Ryan's intentional mindfulness in creating products that care for the body and are good for the environment; two thumbs up from FixFind!


A commitment to Design, Quality, and Innovation at affortable prices.

"Our complete focus is on the customer, which requires our team to always be mindful of emerging trends in color, surface treatments, new technology, as well as courteous and prompt service."
Jenny Zhu Cohen, Founder


Jenny Zhu Cohen, founder and design lead, started the company in 2008 because she aspired to create affordable fashion that can be enjoyed through all the phases of your life. A 2005 Summa con Laude graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Jen now leads a growing team of employees who take her creative direction and turn her vision into tangible products. 

What inspires us about Jenny's story? She followed her passion and, now, nearly 10 years since she started the company, it is a thriving business committed to her original core values: design, quality and innovation.